A letter to you

A letter to you

Middle of the night. Getting ready for the bed when her message arrives. „I’m more sad than happy. I go in and out of the relationships. Everyone has disappointed me so far… Once you told me that I always choose the wrong guys and that I am searching for love in all the wrong places. Since that day I’ve never stopped thinking about it. And you never told me what you meant by it.“

Next thing I know, I was on my laptop. Postponing my sleep for a little while. Well, probably till morning. I am answering you this way. And to all the girls who ever were in this kind of situation. And I know most of them were.

„The thing is… Find someone who will really love you. Someone to whom it won’t be a problem to wait on you, someone who will go with you, someone who will make an effort to give you everything and have no problem of showing you that. There are so many relationships out there that are routine. So many relationships ending because couples don’t love each other. They have a respect for each other but no love. Always accept the respect but keep looking for love. Look for someone who will stand by your side when everything’s right but also for someone who will hold your hand when everything’s falling apart. When you don’t look your best, when its hard to go through the days, when you think you don’t have strength to go on; have someone who will prove you wrong. Don’t believe that all the guys are the same, that everything is just a question of adjustment, that you have to settle… because you don’t. I believe you when you’re saying that you had bad experiences, that every ex-boyfriend of yours treated you like you don’t deserve and that you’ve been hurt. I believe you when you’re saying that you lost your hope. But at the same time I know that someday someone will prove you wrong. At that exact moment you will know why it didn’t work out with anyone else. He will show you things you didn’t know they exist. He will make you learn new things, take you to the places you have never been before or maybe you were, but now you’ll be looking at them from the whole new perspective. Someday someone will come who will offer you security and make you believe once again in love, respect and honesty. That someone will make you forget about doubts and insecurities and because of him you will become a better person. A person you couldn’t even imagine you can be. I want you to be happy. To finally find the peace you were looking for. To get the love you give in return. And that I never, ever see you crying once you turn your look away.

Don’t go for a good look because it will fade away eventually. Don’t go for money because there is no price that won’t make you feel cheap. Don’t go for lies because once you find the truth, it’s hard to go back. Go with your heart, but don’t forget to take your brain with you; your brain will give you many explanations, but still, heart will always be there to explain you the things that brain cannot. Go with the laugh because one day when everything passes you will find that the most important thing is to have someone with whom you can still laugh. Someone who will understand to smile with you but also someone who will know how to make you smile. Go for that something… undefined, call it intuition, x factor, call it whatever you want… but have in mind that only one look, one half-smile, one (un)said word or usually even silence is enough for you to know that this is what you have been waiting for. And that, that someone, was waiting for you, too.

Don’t believe in coincidences. I read somewhere that coincidence is just a way for God to remain anonymous. And when „coincidence“ happens, make sure you use it the best way you can. Because for the right person you have to really make an effort. The right person is worth waiting for. Even if it means watching them being with someone else but still knowing that someday it will happen for you two. It is worth every single second of late night calls, although knowing that you only have a few hours of sleep but still, when the conversation is over, you know that you won’t be able to fall asleep for a long time. It is worth every argue and tear because those are emotions, too. Maybe not the ones you would have wish for, but don’t be afraid of tears; if they’re still present then you can be sure there are also emotions involved. Be afraid of indifference because that means there is no longer anything you could reach for.

Go for an adventure because boredom is like illness. Find someone you can relax with, be goofy with, have a good laugh with and once for all forget about what everyone else think or how you need to behave. Because at the end of the day, nothing is more important in this world than having someone who’s world you’ll be apart of; having someone who is ready to give up of his world just so he can be a part of yours world only. Simplicity. There are so many things these days we are occupied with that sometimes when something is simple we just don’t believe in it. We look for complicated thinking that that’s the way it has to be, when in fact, we don’t want to accept that when it comes to love, there is no room for unnecessary. Simple as that.

And once, when things go down, because sometimes it will happen, I hope that you will stay and won’t give up. It’s the easiest thing to do today, to give up; just leave and run away when you need to stay and fight. People today know the price of everything but the value of nothing. And love doesn’t have a price. You don’t have a price. And easy is cheap. And you don’t want that for yourself. So fight for what you deserve. And you deserve the best. When it gets rough, stay. Talk; for days, nights, leave your pride and don’t turn your back. Even though it may seem that today everything has a tendency of falling apart very quickly, you will have no fear of such because you made the good foundations. And believe. Always believe. Don’t ask questions, don’t assume, don’t offend… if you care about someone, believe them.

Next time I see you, I’d like you to be happy. I don’t like to see you sad. I want you to find someone who will be the reason for keeping you up at nights. Someone who will be the reason for you laughing for no reason. Someone who will prove you wrong; who will stand by your side even when there’s no sun on the horizon…

Someone, who won’t be able to promise to give you everything, but can promise to give you everything he can.”

Part of the book His side of the story: To You.



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