Baldessarini Cool Force – Separates the men from the boys

Baldessarini Cool Force – Separates the men from the boys

This summer was the summer or perfumes, at least in my case. I bought couple of them, more than I did in the last few years. Reason? No idea. I guess I was trying to find my signature scent. Or just wanted to smell good. Either way, I added up some nice smells in my collection. And that’s always a good thing.

Baldessarini Cool Force is a perfect Spring/Summer fragrance which could be also worn in some colder days, too. You know, from my previous post about my favourite men’s fragrances, that I wear all the fragrances all the time. Not really into that warmer or colder days thing when it comes to smells. If i like it, I wear it. Anytime of the year.

Having that in mind, I’m also not an expert when it comes to fragrances, so again I go by the aforementioned “if I like it, I wear it” idea. But I can tell you this fragrance is fresh, sensual and warm. It goes well with my skin and what I like about it is that it isn’t one of those fragrances that are too intense so your neighbours can feel it, too; it’s not intrusive but it’s still noticeable; and that’s what I really search in fragrances.

Baldessarini Cool Force

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Baldessarini Cool Force was launched in 2017. Top notes are palisander rosewood, sicilian bergamot, myrtle and cardamom. Middle notes are neroli, sea notes, calone and clary sage. Base notes are patchouli, cedar, sandalowood and musk.

The fragrance comes as a 50 and 90 ml Eau de Toilette accompanied with after shave lotion 90 ml, shower gel 200ml and stick deodorant 75 g.

“Baldessarini Cool Force has been created for modern men whose unique character is an inspiration to others. They are fully in command of their luxurious, forward-looking lives, and they always meet the challenges of our times.”

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