Daniel Wellington For Her – Classic Petite Melrose Watch Review

Daniel Wellington For Her – Classic Petite Melrose Watch Review

As a long time fan of Daniel Wellington watches, every once in a while I get myself a new DW watch. This summer I’ve picked up two watches: one for me and one as a gift. Both from DW black series.

And I have to say they’re the nicest watches I’ve got by now.

The Women watch I got for a present was a no brainer from the moment I’ve seen it on the official DW website. It is also one of the most beautiful and most elegant women watches, in my opinion. Very simple and very minimal yet very stylish. 

Rose gold strap colour and black dial colour go and work perfectly together. So you can easily wear this watch either to work or to wedding or any office/summer parties. And best of all; like all DW watches it has interchangeable strap that you can easily change if you want to. But trust me, you won’t be needin that since the original strap looks awesome.

It is a watch for everyday and for everyone. Either you dress casual, sport or smart, it will blend perfectly or even lift up your outfit.

Beautiful, minimalist, elegant and stylish; if I had to choose a watch for my gf or a female friend or any women after all, this would be the watch. No doubt.

Great one, DW!

You can get yours here, or any other watch you might like. If you use the code DEANPELIC till the end of June 2017, you get 15% off. 


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