Men’s grooming – Every day skin care routine

Men’s grooming – Every day skin care routine

I wasn’t really a guy who used to care about his skin and the health of it until I reached my 30’s and the first wrinkles started to appear. Truth to be told, those wrinkles appeared because of the strong mimics I have but nevertheless it was the first sign that something should be done.

And that something was to take better care of my skin. To adopt a everyday routine of skincare and to make it a habit. “Just like I brush my teeth every morning and night, I have to take care of my face, too”. That’s what I was saying to myself in order to stick to it. I mean, I’m an everyday average guy; I don’t care about all this, I don’t know about all this and I’m definitely to lazy for all this. By all this I mean on the skin care, skin products and stuff. It’s just I’m not really into and not even interested. Or at least I wasn’t.

Until I spoke to some people who are into and who knows better than I do about skincare and stuff I should be using.  First what I did was going to my friends at Bagatin Policlinic and had a VISIA professional facial skin analysis. After that I learned what my skin is missing and overall in what shape my facial skin actually is. Later, they suggested  Microdermabrasion treatment which tend to be, not only one of the most popular face treatments out there but also one of the treatments where you can see instant results after. Definitely recommended. And that was all the easy part.

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Finding the right products for my skin was a little bit harder. And it lasted a. lot longer. I mean you have to try the products over the certain period of time to see if they are actually working and doing any good to your skin. After trying the couple of brands, I discovered which ones are not only good for me, but the ones that are actually making me see some difference on my face.

So, let me introduce you to  the products that I am using daily and also the ones I’ve been pretty satisfied with. I’ll start with the products I am using to begin my facial routine.



Foreo Luna Mini2 and Luna Play Plus

I’ve been introduced to this little gems a month ago. I’ve literally had no idea what this are for. They looked cool, great midnight colour and I remember spending couple of minutes on Google and Youtube searching for tutorial on how to use them and what’s they’re benefit to your skin.

Well it turned out that this LUNA Face brushes are extremely powerful devices that leaves your face so clean and soft. Definitely much better than you can ever achieve by washing your face only with your hands. Not to mention how easier shaving is after using Luna on your beard. Unbelievable what a difference can a small device like that make to your facial skin. It’s so easy to use. Just apply some face wash gel on your wet face and work with LUNA through it. Easily massage your face and rinse after. Don’t worry you’ll have everything explained in the tutorial that comes in the box with it.

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For a guy that really knows nothing about the skin care and never noticed any difference when using certain face skin products, I can tell this is the first time I saw a change when using LUNA and when I was not using it. Truly satisfied customer. And above all, it’s fun. I even think LUNA is the reason I adopt the whole skin routine, because you know us guys; give us some gadget and we’ll play with it whenever. Very cool!

LUNA Mini 2 (bestseller, on the expensive side, adjustable intensities, two sides)

LUNA Play Plus (smaller, cheaper, ideal for travel, with exchangeable battery)

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Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash

With key ingredients like Caffeine, Vitamin E and Menthol, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash leaves your skin fresh, clean and awaken. I use the small amount on my wet face and massage it shortly on my face skin before I use aforementioned Luna and continue to cleanse my face thoroughly. I wash it off easily with water and dry my face out with towel. The best thing about it – the bottle lasts a long time.



Biotherm Aquapower 72h 

Probably the best face moisturiser I had until now. Biotherm Aquapower 72h is probably the only thing you’ll ever need for your face to feel fresh, energised and that hydrated. I’m not sure if it lasts for 72hrs but it definitely works. It’s light and it have somewhat of aquatic texture so you really feel like your skin has been hydrated. Using it in the morning and (sometimes) in the evening, too. Love this product.

Often for the night, instead of Aquapower I use Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Gel that has anti age activity.


Biotherm Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum

I have to say this is the product where I’ve seen the best effect after using for more than month and a half now now. Biotherm Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum makes your eye zone looks firmer and reduces wrinkles. The whole eye area looks smoother. Using it day and night but mostly at night.


*Kiehl’s Facial Fuel

I am actually not using it every day, only sometimes through the day if my skin feels kinda dull or dry. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel is a vitamin-enriched and energizing non-oily facial moisturiser and definitely leaves the skin energised.



Reviderm Cellucur Youth Recovery 24h

I am using it as my after shave but sometimes as a moisturiser, too. Reviderm Cellucur Youth Recovery 24h leaves your skin so soft and hydrated you can use it anytime through the day. But what I like about it is how it makes your skin and beard looks after shaving. I rarely clean shave, I always trim my beard and this product leaves your beard so soft like silk soft and above all shiny. I am using it for more than a year now and never consider changing it. Awesome stuff!

That would be it. A Foreo device, good face wash and above all awesome moisturiser and brilliant after shave. That’s all it takes for your skin to feel rejuvenated, energised, hydrated and fresh. The make all the work look easy. But the hardest part is on you – to make a face skin care a routine. No matter how lazy I am for that, I’m definitely trying to make this a habit and every day I’m better at it. Trying not to skip it and I think it eventually shows on my skin.




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