Her music is my medicine. Cesaria Evora.

Her music is my medicine. Cesaria Evora.

There aren’t many artists that have ability to take you to another place through their music. That ability is called energy. Or magic. Or that something; undefined. Talent, undoubtedly. But above all they have this extraordinary inexplicable power to make you feel so good, to make you feel like being so far away, to make you feel like you finally belong somewhere. To the places you didn’t even know they exist. Places that feel like home.

I know all this might sound weird to some, me including, but the truth is words cannot express what one, well me, feels like when listening to the music like this. To the music like the one performed by Cesaria Evora. To the magic her voice creates. The calm her songs brings. The words cannot describe just how much I love her music.

I dare to say, I’m one of her biggest fans. I dare to say, she is my favourite artists ever. And that I listen to her music daily. And that I’ve been listening to it, since the day I first found out about her. That was around 2002., I think. I was browsing through some of my friends music collection and there was this cd “Sao Vicente di Longe” that caught my eye. Since I’m a big fan of World music, always have been and always will be, I remember immediately putting that cd on play. And that was it. Within the first few seconds of playing, I was in love.

Within the first few seconds of  “Sao Vicente di Longe” song, album opener with the same title,  I was already on some remote island, sitting on some sandy beach, watching the sun setting far away in the ocean, reminiscing about the old times while drinking some rum. I didn’t understand a word she was singing, well I still pretty much don’t (although I did translate her lyrics), but the the beauty of the music along with her unique, distinctive voice made me feel I understood every single word. Made me feel like I belong to all those places she was singing about. Made me feel. Just feel. Just that. And that was more than enough.

I saw her live on the concert twice. The best concerts I’ve been to. People were dancing, feeling the music, the rhythm or just sitting with teary eyes. It’s the diversity of her music that can make you feel a lot of things at the same time. Unfortunately, I was never able to meet her and to this day I feel sorry for not going to more of her concerts. The day she died, I spent the whole night listening to her music on repeat. Over and over again.

It goes without saying that her music made a huge impact on my life, helped me through some hard times and made me feel at peace with myself when needed.

That’s why I am always saying that her music is my medicine. And that’s actually the truth. That’s also the best explanation I could give on why I love her music that much. And as long as I can listen to her music, I’ll be fine. More than fine. With my eyes closed. Dreaming of far away places. Somewhere between the sun and the sea. Feeling good. Feeling nostalgic. Feeling the music. Feeling alive.

Thank You Cesaria.

Here is my playlist of my favourite Cesaria songs. Including Dor di Amor, Mae Carinhosa, Yamore, Sao Vicente di Longe, Nutridinha, Sorte, Sodade and more. Enjoy!

Featured Image of Cesaria Evora from 26 April 2008, by Silvio Tanaka (As fotos da Virada!), licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic licence.



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  1. Matea
    September 19, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    Nadam se da ideš na Boccelia u 3. mj.. Tek tu kod zatvoriš oči.. Nestaneš u svoje ideale i mjesta u kojima je sve lijepo, pristojno, uredno i bez full of shit stvari.

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