S is for Summer. Summer is for Springfield.

S is for Summer. Summer is for Springfield.

I was invited to browse the new Springfield collection for Summer 17. As someone who shops at Springfield regularly, I was already familiar with their brand, their style and the quality of their clothes.

Their Summer 17 collection is full of prints, at least when it comes to T-Shirts and shorts. But what I like the most about the Springfield collections in general are those plain shirts and chinos. Like the ones you can see on the photos. That’s actually the closest style to the one I usually wear.

Some nice chinos, in blue, gray or sand colour in combination with plain shirt is what actually works for me. You can always put some T-Shirt with a print under your shirt to get that easygoing Summer look.

Take some sunglasses, swim shorts, hat and a backpack with you and you’re all set for those careless beach days. Looking good, without having to compromise on quality and without having to spend a fortune is what Springfield is about. So, now that you know that, check out their collection online or visit the stores and the endless Summer can begin.




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