A little snowy serenade – 6 reasons why Salzburg is your perfect winter destination

What do Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Julie Andrews, salt and tasty chocolate balls all have in common? You can find all of them them in this beautiful Austrian town.

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Salzburg River

Salzburg. A town that is amazing in spring, but absolutely wonderful in the winter. It might actually be one of the best winter weekend getaways in Europe. After my freezing fingers finally warmed up, I decided to put together a list of reasons why to visit Salzburg, especially in this time of the year. Okay, let’s start:


1. The town itself

The town of Salzburg itself is something to behold. The Hohensalzburg fortress overlooking the town and it’s many bridges. Salzburg’s widely famous Old Town might be one of the most beautiful ones I’ve visited and you will definitely spend a lot of the time wandering through it. Especially in winter when most of the cozy Christmas Markets are open.

Salzburg skyline
Salzburg Old Town
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2. Mozart

This one is a no brainer. This town lives and breathes Mozart.  One of the greatest composers ever was born and has lived in Salzburg, and you can find traces of him on every corner. Mozarts Geburtshaus (his birthplace) and Mozart Wohnhaus (his residence) are the best examples of memories of him scattered around the town, but you are sure to find many more. Visiting in January also gives you a chance of being in Salzburg on his very birthday as he was born on the 27th of January.

Salzburg Mozart
Salzburg Mozart

3. Snow is almost guaranteed

This town sees its share of snow yearly and visiting in January gives you a very high chance of having your own snowy winter wonderland in Salzburg. The views are really calming and walking through the narrow, old streets just has a special feel to it under blankets of snow.

Salzburg Snow
Salzburg Snow
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4. The food

Once you get tired of all the wandering around it’s important to have a nice meal somewhere warm. Luckily, there is no shortage of delicious Austrian food to try in the restaurants throughout Salzburg.
You may have had a lot of “weinerschnitelzs”, but all of them pale in comparison to the ones prepared in their native country. Usually served with potatoes and cranberry sauce on the side, it’s something you have to try.


Afterwards, you should definitely treat yourself to a portion of Kaiserschmarrn. This hard-to-pronounce, pancakes dessert has been around for almost two centuries and will definitely satisfy all you sweet tooths out there.


Back to Mozart, as it often is. Salzburg is also the place where you can buy the original Mozartkugel. These tasty chocolate balls stare at you from windows of many of the shops and make great souvenirs!

Furst Mozart
Mozart Kugeln


5. The Sound of Music

The majority of this 1965 Oscar winning movie was actually shot in Salzburg. You can still revisit the iconic movie locations scattered around the city, with most of them being in the Mirabell Palace Gardens which maintain their beauty even under layers of snow. It’s really cool to be able to visit those spots, whether you’re a fan or not.

Mirabell Palace Gardens
Mirabell Palace Gardens


6. Daytrips

Another reason to visit Salzburg is the various day trips at your disposal during your stay. The Eagle Nest (Adolf Hitler’s mountain retreat), Hangar 7, the beautiful village of Hallstatt and the old salt mine in Hallein are just some on the things you can find worth visiting while staying in Salzburg.

Hangar 7

There’s plenty of more reasons why you should be visiting this beautiful Austrian gem but I’ll let you discover em by yourself. After all where is the fun in knowing everything beforehand, right?! Enjoy your trip and write down in comments your impressions afterwards. Btw I’m  curious to find out how Salzburg looks in other seasons. Let me know.

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Salzburg Castle
Salzburg Town


Thank you Salzburg Tourist board for such a nice welcome. And thank you Hotel Stein for a pleasant stay.

Hotel Stein Salzburg
Hotel Stein Salzburg
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  1. 30 siječnja, 2019 / 3:21 pm

    Engleski jezik, znam jako malo, kad nisam htela da učim, zato se sad jako mučim. Ali tvoje slike govore sve, vidi se da si uspešan čovek. Možeš ti reći šta god hoćeš, tebe foto-aparat, baš hoće. A “ne sediš ti skrštenih ruku” i čekaš da ti pare same padnu na ruku. Pohvaliti te moram ja, ja drugačije ne znam. A volim ja ljude sve, one dobre i one zle, tada je moje srce najsrećnije. I uvek će biti ljudi, dobrih i onih, manje dobrih, zato možeš biti najbolji. Da nije loših ljudi, niko nebi mogao biti najbolji. Ohoho, to mi se dešava uvek,” sa teme skrenem uvek”. A “mnogo je sa drveta lišća otpalo, dok nije postalo debelo stablo”. Tako za svačiji uspeh, mnogo je ljudi učestvovalo. A sreća šta je? Na to pitanje Bog samo odgovor daje. A Bog kaže ovako. Voli ljude sve, kao samog sebe, tada sreća u tvom srcu caruje. LEP POZDRAV TEBI I MNOGO SREĆE ŽELIM TEBI

  2. 31 siječnja, 2019 / 1:50 pm

    Thank you for the lovely article.
    We are happy to read that you enjoyed your time in Salzburg :)

  3. 2 veljače, 2019 / 4:10 pm

    Beautiful Salzburg n Beautiful Article,love them both

  4. Martina
    2 veljače, 2019 / 7:08 pm

    It’s good to hear you had a pleasant stay.
    One small correction – it’s Wiener Schnitzel. Originally from Vienna and veal.
    Nowadays it’s also available with pork or poultry.

  5. 3 veljače, 2019 / 6:21 pm

    Absolutely agree. We go to Salzburg every December for ten days. It’s a truly magical city which becomes even more so in winter.