A native from Croatia, Dean was only 14 when he left home in a pursuit of a preparatory boarding school education, eventually settling in Zagreb, the capital where he completed his college degree. Despite majoring in Management and Marketing, Dean soon discovered a passion for working in journalism, which eventually had led him on towards acting and modeling. “A call for modeling…it never really resounded to me, until I was randomly taken to an agency by my friend. Where have you been all this time? You’re going to work a lot, is what they’ve told me.”

Only few days later he landed his first photo shoot. And that’s how it began.

Ever since, Dean had been featured in almost every magazine in the country and had walked several dozens of fashion shows. Having appeared in series of editorials, billboards, campaigns and TV commercials, the media was quick to proclaim him as “The most wanted Croatian model”. His outlook on this label is that „modeling is just like any job, and luckily it’s the kind that I enjoy. Being able to do what you love is a privilege.”

In between modeling jobs Dean had also been working as a journalist and TV host. All this time, he was carefully not to neglect his love for acting which he had also been doing for the last 9 years by playing several small parts in various TV series.

It took 6 years of modeling and over hundred of photo shoots before Dean was invited to work for a prestigious agency in Milan. Without much thought, he got on his way there where he had landed his first international job.

Soon after, many other opportunities had appeared across Italy, France, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Portugal etc. where Dean worked for some of the biggest fashion brands.

Today, Dean is traveling again and working internationally. Also working as a TV host on the national television. When not busy with TV, photo shootings and fashion shows, he writes.

In 2015, he successfully published his first book called “His side of the story: To You” based on his weekly columns. The book saw great success, while in pre-order it broke the record previously held by the highly acclaimed book Grey. Since the release it held the No.1 position of the best selling books in the country for months and it was soon proclaimed a bestseller. The highly anticipated book signing was held a few days after it’s release and brought together hundreds of fans waiting in line to get their book signed. “His side of story: To You” amazed the readers countrywide. Mostly women as Dean was often referring to them in his columns. His stories give hope, his way of thinking makes you think, his look on love shows that true gentlemen still exist. Today, only a few months after it’s original release, the second edition of the book is in plans. Along with an English translation. “His side of story: To You” goes with a tagline, one of the Dean’s well known quotes that says: “Fall in love with a soul. A body is something anyone can have”.

Second edition of the book, released in 2017., broke previously made record in pre-order by selling more than 700 copies in just 24 hours. In 2018. it was announced that more than 10 000 copies of the book has been sold.

In 2020. the second book, the sequel to the hugely popular book “To You” was released to the delight of thousands of readers and also hundreds of thousands of followers on Dean social networks. The English translation of the second book is currently under way.

English edition of the book “To You: His side of the story” has been published as a Kindle edition on Amazon sites around the world in February 2021. Paperback edition followed at the end of the same year. Available on Amazon sites worldwide.