I decided to go to Paris. One of the few cities in Europe I’ve never been to. Can you imagine? Me neither. A blog along with the vlog about Paris is coming soon, but first thing first, let’s talk about the flight. After deciding that I’m going to Paris I went looking for tickets. To be honest, I think that was probably the main reason I eventually decided for Paris. The flight dates, prices and company I was going to fly with, all was exactly what I was looking for. It was a direct flight from Zagreb to Paris; take off at 9am, the flight lasted roughly 2hrs. Coming back was five days later with 12:30 pm flight. Perfect.

Coming to the check-in counter I realised I got upgraded to business, which was very cool since I’ve never flown business before although I’ve flown with Croatia Airlines so many times. Thank you Croatia Airlines! That really made my day and waking up early didn’t feel such a bad idea all of a sudden anymore.

Business class welcome drink

9:05 , the flight was on time, I was sitting comfortably and eagerly waiting for breakfast. You know me… Wherever I go, I basically go looking for the food. And since waking up early I didn’t have time for breakfast so I was kinda starving.

Dean Pelic Croatia Airlines

Sooner than later, breakfast was on on the way to my table and you could already see me smiling a little. Brioche, yoghurt, salami (kulen, to be precise which is a Croatian specialty), cherry tomatoes, cheese, croissant, oat meal and some fruits. More than enough. Eating oat meal with yoghurt is something I do almost every morning at home, so having this while being miles up in the air and looking out the window, somewhere over the Swiss Alps, felt pretty good. Along with the breakfast you could have tea or coffee. I decided for a green tea.

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An hour and a half went by so fast and we were already preparing for landing on CDG Paris.

Returning flight to Zagreb was in Economy class and the meal was equally delicious. Croatian panceta and some snacks and fig cake. Tomato juice or apple juice or any drink you’d want was served along with it.

After landing in Zagreb another surprise waited for me. The Croatia Airlines team asked me if I’d like to visit the cockpit. No waaaay! Say no more. Three minutes later I was already sitting in a copilot seat pretending to flying Airbus 319. What can I say? The best feeling ever. Being a pilot is probably one of the most exciting jobs ever. Do you think it’s to late for me to become one?! I’m definitely thinking about that now.

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This was, without a doubt, one of the coolest experiences ever. What a great beginning of a new year. Thanks once again Croatia Airlines!