Hello everyone

My team and I have been alerted of the increasing number of the fake profiles pretending to be me all around the social networks and dating sites/apps. This has been going on for years and all around the world and truth to be told there’s nothing much I can do about it. Facebook and Instagram are pretty much cooperative when it comes to closing the fake profiles. The dating sites/apps and other messaging services, I don’t really know anything about, so I can’t really react there so that’s why I am asking you to report any profile on any social network, dating site or app or any messaging service that is pretending/impersonating me, using my identity or my pictures under some false name.

The only official channels on Facebook and Instagram are the ones connected to this official site. Other than that any other profile is a fake one. That also means, I am not, never been on, and never will be on any dating sites or apps or messaging services. Please, don’t be fooled by any fake profile impersonating me contacting you as it has nothing to do with me. Report all those profiles to the site/app you are on; Facebook, Instagram or any dating sites/apps, messaging apps or even the authorities, if you feel you’ve been scammed by fake profiles using my identity.

Since I’m a public person, I’m aware of the fact that my photos either on my social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Insta stories, Insta live) or published in the media (internet portals, magazines, various interviews, movie premieres, events etc.) are public and therefore easily taken and used for fake profiles and impersonation. The police in my country has already been aware of all this since it’s a problem that’s, as I said, been going on for years and years, around the world in various countries.

Important! Please make sure to check this Instagram story highlights on my Official Instagram profile about various fake profiles using my identity and pretending to be me on social networks, dating and msging apps. Check them all here: https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE3OTE5MjEyNDg4MTAzNzA2/

And a big thank you to DailyMail for covering this very important story. Read the interview here:


Thank You