My trip to Salzburg was a mixture between business and pleasure. As such, I needed to find a hotel that can offer a perfect combination of both. That’s where the Wyndham Grand Salzburg Hotel comes into the picture. It’s located not too far from the centre of Salzburg, right near the main Bus and Train station. It seemed like the perfect choice.

And I was not wrong.

Upon welcoming, I was greeted by many smiles at the front office and the check-in was painless and quick even though there was a group of tourists right before me.

I was informed of the many hotel amenities and their working hours, as well as received my room key and the Wi-Fi code. To be completely honest, I was just waiting to get to the bed as I knew very well I’ll explore the hotel further by myself once I’m completely rested.

The hotel has 262 rooms, and if they all even partially resemble the one that I got, you’re in for a treat.

The room looked extremely comfy the minute I opened the door. The receptionist claimed it was redecorated 4 years ago, and it wasn’t hard to see. The bathroom was nice and tidy.  The twin beds could easily be mistaken for a big double beds.

There was a very big TV, and an area with a desk, sofa and a table. Everything seemed perfect for somebody that’s on holiday but needs to get some work done at the same time.

I took one of the multiple elevators to get to breakfast in the morning. It was served in a very spacious restaurant that I don’t think I’ve ever seen full during my stay, which is perfect. You can easily pick a table and have nobody sitting right next to you. There was plenty of food to choose from at breakfast. Ranging from the classics like bacon, eggs, beans to very specific fruits and seafood. A huge selection of juices and drinks is also worth mentioning and the staff are all very polite and always at your service.

The hotel is mostly meant for business guests, but it doesn’t mean that it lacks anything in any department. The gym is well equipped and right next to a nice pool on their own floor. The whole area is kept very clean.

On the upmost floor is a lounge bar that serves a variety of drinks.
The hotel prides itself on its business and conference rooms and while I didn’t get to sneak a peek into them, I have to admit that they look really amazing and have a whole floor all for themselves. It’s not hard to imagine how many important business meetings and conferences the whole floor has seen.

And when you’ve done working, you’re just a few bus stops (three to be exact) or 15-20 mins walking takes you to the very city centre of Salzburg. Also, if you need to do some shopping there’s a shopping mall right outside the hotel. And don’t forget the hotel has it own restaurant so you can have lunch or dinner without even exiting the hotel.

All of that makes the Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Centre Hotel one of the preferable choices for stay when visiting Salzburg.