Istralandia – So many pools, so many slides

When I got the invitation to visit Istralandia, it was a no-brainer. As I am from Istria and I had few days off, I decided to call few of my friends and spend an afternoon at this newly opened Aquapark. Newly, at least for me, as I haven’t been there before. But in only two years, since it was opened, it gathered so many tourists and it was named one of the best Europe Waters Parks. More precisely, at No.5. How about that?! Amazing!

When I got there it was clear to me that this definitely deserves all the acknowledgment it got. First, and the most important, if you ask me, are the people that work there. And they are friendly and polite and very helpful. They took us around and showed us the park and the main attractions. And the park is huge. I mean, not that huge that you could get lost there but enough big to spend there the whole day exploring the attractions and going from one pool to another. I must admit that I’m not a fan of pools of any kind but these ones were really clean even with so many people there. And there really was so many people. I was there at Saturday and the they told me that on the weekends there’s even less people than over the week because of the guests shifts. So just for your information, to have in mind when you’re planning to come.

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But don’t let that change your mind as there’s plenty of space for everyone. So many lounge chairs, tables at cafes and restaurants, and there’s even a whole meadow where you can lay your towel and have your own picnic. Istralandia is definitely an enjoyment for kids; with so many animation and programs going on, slides and foam party. But I assure you that adults are going to enjoy there as much; if you love slides, some adrenaline fun like Space Rocket slide or you’re more for hydro massage pools or the largest pool with artificial wave on the Mediterranean, you’ll find something for yourself. Istralandia is definitely a nice refreshment. And I’m not talking here just about the pools. But about the Istria county and the whole country. It’s awesome to know that something like this exist just around the corner. Well done, Istralandia!

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  1. Sem
    30 srpnja, 2016 / 6:58 pm

    Kad ćeš na Cavtat :)