Late night walks: Zagreb

I like to walk. Everywhere. Anywhere. For as long as I have to. Or want to. Or need to. I don’t mind walking. I find it very relaxing. Walking on the beach on winter days or summer evenings? Of course. Walking through the forest on some rainy afternoon? Been there, done that. Walking around the city, exploring the city streets? Absolutely. And those are my favorite ones. Especially walking through the city at night. Late night walks. When the city is sleeping and no one else is around. You have a felling like being the only one left in the world. The sky is full of stars, shining brighter than the city lights. The warm wind is blowing making the trees sway gently. And that is the only sound you’ll hear. The beauty of the night. And in that particular moment, you feel alive. You feel like you belong. To the night. To the old city streets. To something that’s  way beyond you. And your understanding. It’s good just to sit and watch the city sleeping. Just feel. Just be. One of my favorite moments ever.

Zagreb Old town is the perfect location for a late night walk. Lots of old streets to discover. Lots of history full of interesting stories. Lots of beautiful architecture to see. And above all, the most amazing viewpoint on the whole city.

A photo posted by Dean Pelic (@deanpelic) on

A photo posted by Dean Pelic (@deanpelic) on




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