Magnificent. Mljet

Together with Korčula, Mljet was also among the islands on my bucket list for this Summer. To get to the island of Mljet is really easy (if you’re on Korcula). There is a catamaran going in the morning from Korcula and getting back late afternoon. And that’s enough time for you to explore the most of Mljet, at least the national park. Catamaran stops at the harbour Pomena which is ideally located for National park visit. The entrance is near the port and when you buy the ticket you’re free to walk or take a bike to the Malo jezero which is the first lake you’ll approach when you enter the park. Mljet is wonderful. I mean I don’t even have to say it. The untouched nature, green and turquoise lakes and lots of forest. It is the greenest island in Croatia. So, if you look a for a peaceful vacation, look no further. It is so calm and so still that you don’t even have a need to speak. Just staying quiet, enjoying the nature and feeling like you belong; to the place you never knew before. I was longing for that.

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Before you go to Mljet, be sure to take some sneakers for walking as it’ll be more comfortable than wearing just the flip-flops. It’s not hard to walk and there are basically no uphills so everyone can walk easily. But you’ll be far more comfortable with some sneakers on your foot. Btw I almost stepped on the snake so I’m glad I wasn’t wearing flip-flops. But don’t worry, I read somewhere that Mljet is free from poisonous snakes. This one was small and I didn’t even notice it crossing my way, but still. Also, you can have your swimwear with you, too, as you you can go for a swim on the lake. After a swim, don’t forget to see when you’re boat is going for the St.Mary island. It is the island on the island. A former Benedictine monastery is situated there. Take a walk around the island and be sure to visit the church. Also take some time to slow down for a while, just sit and relax in the shade and enjoy the spectacular views in silence. And if you’re hungry, wait till you go back to Mljet. Eating on the St.Mary’s island is rather expensive and in my opinion, not really worth the price. Mljet is definitely a gem. I am glad I decided to spend a full day on this beautiful island. Can’t wait to go back.

Catamaran ticket price from Korčula to Mljet. One way: 80kn

Entrance to Mljet National park + boat ticket to St.Mary island: 100kn

A photo posted by Dean Pelic (@deanpelic) on

A photo posted by Dean Pelic (@deanpelic) on



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