I love Italy. So Much. That much I have even consider moving there at one point in my life. Well, I’ve already lived in Milan while working as model there but now I’m thinking more about the south of the Italy or Rome. Talking of Rome, I’m preparing for my trip to the Eternal city soon. It’s going to be my second visit to the Italian capital and to the city I love the most in Italy. It’s been like 15 years since my last visit, but I remember it quite well, actually. Rome left such a good impression on me.

I love that small Italian streets, those piazzas, Piazza Navona and Pizza Di Spagna. I love eating gelato in one moment, while in second looking for pasta, and then eventually ending the day with the most magnificent pizza I ever had. I love that history is waiting for you at every angle in Rome. Love the language that I I’ve been learning for more than 10 years. Well, I guess I can call myself Italian after all. I just think that it’s the country and city with such a good energy and vibe that it’s hard to find anywhere else.

But how does one prepare for Italy. What to take, what to have in mind, and what to plan and what to leave to surprise you.

Here are the 6 steps:

  1. Go on Youtube. Click on this video. Right click on the video and select Loop. Turn the volume on. No trip to Italy would be complete without this song as a soundtrack. Meravigliosa.

2. Find a good restaurant while still at home. Check TripAdvisor and Yelp to find favourite places to eat and not to miss while in Italy, well Rome. Besides Pasta and Pizza and Gelato, Italian cuisine is one of the most fantastic cuisines in the World. There are so many dishes and recipes to try. So many. Ossobuco, Risotti, Focaccia, Carbonara, Italian Prosciutto and of course Pizza Margherita. Did I mention Tiramisu? Damn, I’m hungry now!

3.  Pack some chinos, loafers, polos and shirts. When in Italy, do it like Italians do. They’re the most stylish people I know. They just know fashion. It’s like natural to them. It’s like they were born with the sense for style. You can just sit and learn from them. Well, no wonder Italian fashion brands are the most popular ones in the world. They just know how to do it. They feel the style. I guess that’s the easiest way to explain it.

4. Dolce far niente and La dolce vita. Ah, living the sweet life. And the sweetness of doing nothing. Two popular phrases that you should try to live on while in Italy.

For one day, at least, just wake up late. Have your espresso at one of the city’s piazza. If in Rome, make it Piazza Navona. Sit on the terrazza under some white parasol and watch the life goes by. All those vendors, all those vespas, Italians goes to work, tourists wandering around. Feel the sun slowly covering up your skin. Smell the profumo coming from the nearby bakery. Fresh baked pizza. With olio d’oliva and fresh tomatoes. Take a stroll around the small Italian streets. All with ease. Without any care in the world. Dolce far niente.

5. Learn to talk with the hands. Yes! Italians are speaking with their hands. Learn some of the gestures as they are awesome. So next time you don’t know how to express yourself with words, you can always do it with hands. And by that I mean on some of the popular Italian gestures like: I don’t know or I don’t care or Let’s go. Or even Ma vaffanculo. Biiiip! But also make sure you learn some of the Italian words as the language is troppo bello.

6. Fill your Iphone or Ipod with some of the greatest Italian songs of all time. Italian music is really great. From all those classics to the more modern sounds, it’s something you can listen all the time. And learn some of the words, too.

Go with the L’Appuntamento da Ornella Vanoni, Felicita da Al Bano, Piu Bella Cosa da Eros Ramazzotti, Tu Sei L’Unica Donna Per Me da Alan Sorrenti, Baila Morena da Zucchero, Gloria da Umberto Tozzi, La Mia Banda Suona Il Rock da Ivano Fossati, La Solitudine da Laura Pausini, Questo Piccolo Grande Amore da Claudio Baglioni, Vivo Per Lei and Con Te Partiro da Andrea Bocelli, Maledetta Primavera da Loretta Goggi, Per Averti da Adriano Celentano, Bella da Jovanotti, Perdono da Tiziano Ferro, Magica da LucaDirisio. These are just the first songs that came into my mind that can give you a taste of Italian music and how great it actually is.


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And finally, you’re ready to go. Let the Italian adventure begin. Indulge all your senses. And find a true meaning of La Dolce Vita saying. Buon Viaggio!

Btw if you have already visited Rome, leave me a comment down below with any tips you might have. Very much appreciated. And if you liked Rome, why not visit Venice. But before you go, see my Venice Photolog here.