You already know how big fan am I of the Home Alone 2: Lost in New York movie. That’s why on my recent trip to the City I took some time to visit some of the locations where the actual movie was filmed. Some of the locations are obviously some of the famous NYC spots, some locations I ended up finding accidentally and some of the locations are the ones I’ve been wanting to see ever since I was a kid watching Kevin running around the streets of NYC and imaging me doing the same.

Watch my Christmas in New York City (Home Alone 2 inspired) Travel Vlog here:

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New York City is a fairytale all year round, but the real magic happens in November/December when the whole city gets in the holiday spirit. For me, a complete Christmas freak, being in NYC at that time was like walking through the dream or at least one of the many Christmas movies I watched thought the years that take role in the best City in the world. I visited a lot of European cities during the Advent time and even they’re beautiful and magical, still none comes close to the NYC and the magic that happens as soon as the holidays approaches that basically starts with the Thanksgiving day. Read more about it in one of my previous posts about New York here.

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So, if you’ve been wondering how does the Home Alone 2 locations look like in real life, look no further. Here are some of the most famous locations from the movie I visited while visiting the New York City. Don’t have to tell you excited I was. It was like going back to childhood and all those years of dreaming about being the part of the City at Christmastime. Here we go:

Woolman Rink

As soon as I’ve entered the Central Park I was looking only for the Woolman Rink. Remember the scene from the movie where Harry was ice skating, well trying to ice skate while at the same time stealing scarves, hats and gloves from other skaters?! Yeah, this is one of this places I’ve been wanting to visit for so long. The same rink is featured in so many movies and it kinda gets you in the Holiday spirit right away. This has been the picture I’ ve been having as a laptop wallpaper for as long as I can remember. Not only because of the rink but because of some other building it it, and that is the Plaza Hotel. Having a picture here was a dream come true, on the very first day of my NYC adventure.

woolman rink

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Plaza Hotel

While walking towards Plaza my heart was going crazy. Man, the Plaza hotel was, and well still is, the synonym of the hotel. I mean, didn’t we all wanted to stay in such a hotel when growing up, eating ice cream and all those sweets, having that huge bed only for us, while fire is cracking in the fireplace and the snow is falling. All along with an amazing view of the Central Park. Well, to be honest, I still want to do that. Didn’t have really time to do that when first visiting, but even visiting the lobby was a huge deal for me. Don’t need to mention that I was staying in front of the hotel for a good half an hour just trying to realize that I am actually standing in front of the Plaza Hotel. Yeah, I know.

hotel plaza new york cityhotel plaza kevin mccalisterplaza hotel nyc

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Radio City Music Hall

Featured at the beginning of the movie when Kevin first got to NYC.

dean pelic radio city music hall radio city music hall

South Street

This one I passed by while walking to the Brooklyn bridge. I wasn’t at first sure if that was the place but it looked so familiar. I walked around a bit and eventually was certain that it was the spot from the very beginning of the movie where the truck that was carrying Marv and Harry stopped. It served as a market in the movie. And you have to remember that Marv memorable answer to Harry’s question: “You smell that? Know what that is? – “Yeah. Fish.”. Well, freedom and fish. Marv :D

Battery Park

Well, I visited Battery Park but since the binoculars no longer exist there, I used the binocular on the Statue of Liberty and while on the Empire State of Building to recreate the scene when Kevin first got in NYC. While visiting the latter I even put my Home Alone 2 hat that the staff from the Hotel Belleclaire, since knowing how big fan of the movie I was, got me and that was waiting in my room along with the bunch of other goodies when I first check-in in the room. What a day that was! I’ll never forget that.

dean pelic kevin empire nyc

Central Park

Not the exact spot, since I didn’t have time to explore the whole park, well most of it, and to find the Gapstow Bridge where Kevin met the pigeon lady. Next time, for sure.

central park nyc

Bethesda Terrace

Walking through the Central Park got me to the Bethseda Terrace. And as soon as I saw it, I immediately remembered the scene of Kevin escaping the Marv and Harry and eventually hiding in the horse carriage. Such a nice place.

Carnegie Hall

Where Kevin and the pigeon lady had a talk and watched the orchestra playing. Unfortunately, don’t have any pictures.

Times Square

I mean, is it even possible to miss this place?! Not even Home Alone 2 movie could. It’s the buzzing heart of the City. Kevin’s mom running around the city and eventually found herself on the Times Square asking the cops if they saw Kevin. 

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Rockefeller Center

One of my favourite spots of the NYC. Couldn’t believe, not only that I was there, but that I also was on the lightning of the tree and in the first rows just a few meters away from the stage and the actual tree, counting the seconds until it was lit. That’s going to be a lifetime memory for sure. For Kevin, too. Since he reunited with his mom in front of the biggest Christmas tree in the City. And we all know how much Kevin likes Christmas trees. Well, who doesn’t?!

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rockefeller christmas tree

New York City is an adventure I recommend to everyone. I traveled a lot, visited many countries, many cities but no city will ever come close to what NYC is to me. I knew that even before I visited and I am completely certain know. It’s a city I’ll be going back to for as long as I can. Hopefully once a year. And if you’re planning to visit the City, and you’re a fan of a Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2 movies, don’t miss an opportunity to visit these memorable locations where the second movie was filmed. Enjoy your trip.

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