When choosing the flight company for my flight to New York, I eventually ended up picking Lufthansa. Many of my colleagues and friends recommended Lufthansa as a best company for long haul flights. For me there were two factors that were most important: 1. Reliability and 2. Punctual. Since I’m working as a TV Host of a live TV show on a National Television, I couldn’t afford to have my flight canceled and be late. Well, it turned out that the things I was trying to avoid, actually happened. And to make things even worse, they happened with Lufthansa. The company everyone said to go carelessly with.

So after some unprofessional way of cancelling my return flight with a single text message and just a sentence saying: “You’re flight has been cancelled”, without any options or further notices, I eventually found my way back with another company and got home on time. So I cannot write about my whole Lufthansa return flight experience but I can tell you what can you expect from the flight, LH400 Frankfurt – New York City.


Just to make sure, it wasn’t a bad flight at all. It’s just that overall feeling after cancelling my return flight and leaving me and my family in the middle of NYC option-less, kinda ruined the whole flight experience. Anyways, the flight LH400 was great indeed. Boeing 747-8l is such a great plane. That was also one of the reasons why I chose Lufthansa. A wide body jet airliner that looked fairly new from inside, renovated with new seats and great media entertainment. The inside of the plane was clean and very well maintained. And also very quiet. The whole cabin was pretty nice.


The seat was kinda narrow but that was expected. Comfort although it could have more comfortable. But that was also expected for economy class, so it wasn’t a big deal. On the seat there were headphones, pillow and blanket waiting for each passenger.


I am 190 cm (6 ft 2) and I had, well, let’s say adequate leg space. Well, it can be better of course, but it wasn’t that bad as I thought it would be.


The touch screen was on the faster side, overall. Pretty much responsive most of the time. There were lots of movies, even the new blockbuster. There were TV shows, Audio books and Well being sections. There was, of course, Audio section, too, but I have to say that I wasn’t really impressed with the number, diversity and quality of the offered. I was on the movies and cameras section pretty much only. There were two cameras: one showing in front of the plane and second one showing beneath the plane. Not really much to see when flying but when landing or taking off is kinda cool.


One of the reasons I chose Lufthansa was their food quality. Read a lot about it and everything was right. The food was great. Well, as much as the airplane food can be. But it was really good. There were two menus; one was pasta I think and the other one was chicken. I chose the chicken with some gnocchi and carrot and salad. There was even some cake for dessert. And some bread with butter. More than enough for lunch.

Lunch on Lufthansa flight LH400

The best thing about it is that you could ask for some snack like pretzels whenever you want. So I cannot say that I was hungry. The second meal was served an hour or two before landing and it was cheese pizza. I ate it immediately so that’s why there’s no picture and it was delicious.

Coffee and sodas and water were served all the time and you could ask for more whenever you wanted.


Small, clean, usable. More than enough.


7:32 minutes. Not bad. Went by really quick.

So, overall it was a very nice flight. Very smooth, easy and I wasn’t feeling tired at all. Without any doubts I would choose Lufthansa again if there wasn’t all that cancelled flight thing. Leaving your customers without any infos, notifications, resolutions and with just one text message saying “Your flight has been cancelled” is not something you do. Yeah, I know that things happen all the time. But still, you can handle it much better like giving your customers options or at least write a phone number who to contact.

Nevertheless, after two hours on the phone with their customer service (I run immediately to the hotel, connecting on Wi-Fi and finding customer support number), they were very co-operate and eventually found us a later plane with a different company. Not Lufthansa, the one I booked for a reason. Not through the connection city I booked for a reason. Still, I hadn’t got any option but to take anything they offered. Anyways, after a very tiresome return flight, two delayed flights and a lost baggage, I was home on time. Well, sort of. But I was home and not late for my TV show. And not being fired :D

And after all you only remember the good things, right?! NYC was a dream. The best city I ever visited, the best trip I ever took on. More about it read here. Where I stayed in NYC, find here.