I met a beautiful girl once. Well, because of my work I am often surrounded by beautiful girls but this one… she was different. Beautiful is even an understatement of how she looked. More importantly of how her mind looked. Gorgeous mind. She was telling me about how she always end up with the wrong guys. How they treat her bad. How often she was left brokenhearted. And that she would never date those kind of guys again. And sooner than later, here she is… Making the same mistake again.

And it got me thinking why… why does that perfect girl with a beautiful mind of it’s own end up with a jerk who obviously doesn’t appreciate what he has. Who took her for granted when there’s a tons of other men who would treat her like a princess everyday, like she deserves. Just… they never got a chance to do it. And they never will. And there’s a reason for it… they’re not jerks.

I know I am one of those guys. Tried to play a jerk, be a womanizer, be an a**hole… but gave up. It’s not who I am. I went back on being normal and a caring guy who will eventually end up in the „best friend“ category. That’s right… that’s where all the good guys are going. Nope, that beautiful girl will never end up with a guy like me. She will, in fact, ask me for advice, she’ll love to hangout with me, she’ll love the way I care about her but she will never date me. I’ll be her best friend to whom she’ll come crying when her a**hole boyfriend cheats on her and breaks up with her. Yes, that’s where I’ll going to end up.

Girls love jerks… that’s the conclusion I came to. True, they want a sweet, caring guy but they’re not attracted to them. And then they end up with a boyfriend who treat them like s*it and they stay with them as they think that’s the way it’s supposed to be, because after all „he’s not that bad“… yes he doesn’t show emotions much and he doesn’t do any nice things for her but that’s what guys are like, right? That’s how it’s supposed to be, right?

No, that’s not how it’s supposed to be. How it’s supposed to be is that you find someone who will care about you, someone who will notice you, who will put all his pride aside and tell you how he feels about you. Who is ready to leave everything, break down the walls, drive for hours, wake up in the night just to see you, hear you, talk to you, hug you and make you feel loved. That’s what’s all about.

Real guy will never forget to call you, text you, or take time to be with you… don’t listen to any excuses, don’t believe that next time will be different… don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

I know that this rant of mine won’t change anything; won’t change any minds or make that girl from the beginning of the text to reconsider her choices and to realize how beautiful she is inside and outside and that she deserves more… yes I’m aware of that. There is a tons of texts, quotes similar that you can find all over the internet… girls like to re-blogged them, pin them, heart them but still, they’re not using any of those in real life. All they want is a perfect boyfriend who will be all that but when someone like that appears, suddenly they got no interest in him but they go to find a an a**hole instead. I don’t know, sometimes it seems to me that those girls love to suffer, to be heartbroken… but what they don’t know is that all those normal, caring guys suffers to… when they see them sad. When I see what she’s going through and on what she settles… and to know that I was ready to give her my world. Yes,it makes me sad to see her like that.

But who I am to try to change her… who am I to try to change anyone? To all those girls out there: hope you read this… it may be just another text, just another possible quote that you can share… but what I hope is that it will make you realize that there are still some good guys out there waiting for you to give them a chance.

P.S. that beautiful girl from the beginning might and might not be a real one…it can be an imaginary girl, no particular girl… yet, it can be any of you.