If you need an advice, share a story with someone or just just someone to talk to, I’m here. Maybe together we can find a solution or I can simply serve as support and be a friend and give you a friendly advice. Or we can only just chat as friends over a cup of coffee. About life, about love, about relationships, about society, about work, career, life goals and the things like that. You know, all those everyday things… that we are maybe a little more silent about than we should be. Well, you see, you can talk with me about them out loud. I rarely keep quiet. And especially about such things.

I love when people talk, because when they don’t talk, things get heavy. And they don’t have to be. That’s why I love when people talk, and speak out loud about everything. Everything they think about. Everything they want. Everything that bothers them. Everything that goes around their mind. And everything that captures their attention. And that’s why I’m here, If you wanna talk. I am a certified Life coach and the author of two Croatian bestsellers, “To You” and “To Myself” (with former being released in English, titled “To You”: His side of the story” and available in my web shop), if you are interested in that official part.

Unofficially, I love people, I love to see when people succeed, I love to see when people become the best version of themselves, I love to see when everything comes true for them. And if I can help them at that at least a little bit, my mission is fulfilled. People have always come to me for advice, somehow mostly for love ones, given the topics I write about, but also for life and career advices. And I kind of always waved my hand, when they told me that maybe I should be working as a coach, that I shouldn’t just be rejecting something like that, something that might be my calling. It took me a long time to figure out what they were talking about. I let things lead to one another. And so, they finally led me, after having my books and schooling, to actually accept the possibility that this really is my calling. Something I have inside me. Something I had inside of me all of this time. Always. Either way, this is definitely your invitation to you, to contact me, if you wish. Without hesitation. I’m here.

For more informations about coaching and how you can contact me about it, use this here.