To You: His side of the story (English Kindle Edition)

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“I wish I read this book before I got into my relationship” – was one of the many stellar reviews this book received when it was first released on the Croatian market. Shortly after, it was proclaimed a bestseller.

“Do guys like this really exist?” The answer to this and many other related questions can be found by immersing yourself in “His Side of the Story: To You”, written from a male point of view that isn’t afraid to show his emotions. Honest, raw and real; this is what it looks like when a man really loves a woman.

Word by word, with so many noteworthy advices and eye opening stories, this is a book you’ll be coming back to often, just as tens of thousands of women already have. Save yourself from heartbreak, tears, and not being loved the way you deserve to be loved. Before you allow yourself to fall in love again, read “His Side of the Story”. It’s here for you. It’s written “To You”!

What started out as a weekly column on one of the most popular daily news magazines in Croatia, quickly became one of the best selling books last year in just a few days after it’s release. For two years, Dean was writing a popular column called “His Side Of The Story” in which he was writing about his life, his career, but mostly about relationships, love and similar subjects. The column proved to be very popular among the readers. The numbers were showing tens of thousands of  readers every week. After it’s successful two years, Dean decided to finish the column the best way he could; the way that he knew that the readers wanted him to – with a book release of their favorite columns.

“To You: His side of the story” was released in Croatia on the 9th of November in 2015 and in the first few days of pre-order it broke the record previously held by the highly acclaimed book Grey. The first week of the book release secured the book’s No.1 spot of the best selling books and it stayed there for more than a month. After few weeks in the Top 10, it came back to the No.1 spot again this January, in 2016. The highly anticipated book signing was held a few days after it’s release and brought together hundreds of fans waiting in line to get their book signed. “To You: His side of the story” amazed the readers countrywide. Mostly women as Dean was often referring to them in his columns. His stories give hope, his way of thinking makes you think, his look on love shows that true gentlemen still exist. Today, only a few months after it’s original release, the second edition of the book is in plans. Along with an English translation. “To You: His side of story” goes with a tagline, one of the Dean’s well known quotes that says: “Fall in love with a soul. A body is something anyone can have”. Second edition of the book, released in 2017., broke previously made record in pre-order by selling more than 700 copies in just 24 hours. In 2018. it was announced that more than 10 000 copies of the book has been sold.

The English Kindle Edition is being scheduled for Valentine’s Day release, 14.2.2021, followed by the paperback in the following weeks.